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    Low Temperature Process Chillers

    Hey all, looking for some assistance with some process chillers. I'm new to them and there doesnt seem to be any manufacture support as these particular machines aren't made anymore. Hard to believe since it was made in 1997. No model or serial number for the machine as a whole. It's a 404a system, Grasso open drive recip, M# RC69, Allen-Bradly controls. They have liquid level sensors, assuming controlling unloading, flooded evaporator, very large receivers. Need wiring diagrams and an IOM manual which states sequence of operation with all components in operation. Any help would be great.

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    Sounds like it was a one off job to me not a production run at all, made by an industrial or commercial company for a specific application.
    I didn't think Grasso made units with AB controls on them. Grasso use their own version of controller if it came from their factory.

    Good luck with it!

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    Grasso is still in buisness. Try taking model and serial to them and have them cross to the manufacturer of the chiller... should work as most of the process chillers have compressors manufactured specifically for there application.

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