I don't know anything about HVAC and I haven't really done any maintenance on mine since I moved in back in 2006 besides weeding around the outside unit. This summer, when we turned it on, it wouldn't cool. It blew out hot air and froze up/iced over the filters. It also did this the year before but back then we simply removed and cleaned the filters, put them back in and it worked fine. This year, that didn't work. It just froze up the filters again. We were going to get it repaired but we've been hit hard by the economy and didn't really have the money to fix it. So, we bought fans and it was ok. Now, it's winter time and I turned on the heat and even though the heat works it makes this awful noise that I don't remember it making before. The inside unit also gets kinda hot to the touch after a while. It doesn't make this noise all of the time, it comes and goes. Can I still run it or am I going to damage it even worse? I've included a youtube link that shows the inside unit and you can hear the noise but you can also slightly hear it at the outside unit so I don't know which one it's coming from. I don't know anything about HVAC, we grew up with a fuel tank and delivery man. There's oil in the cabinet for it that I guess you're supposed to use regularly but I wouldn't even know how to use it.

Any help is appreciated.

Joey ~ Polk, NC