I recently installed a gas fireplace in a customers home and told them they would need an electrician to run power to the unit to operate the fan, and I also told him the stat wire coiled up on the side of the fireplace was for a stat or wall switch and that it also would need to be done to operate the unit. Later that evening I received a call asking what would happen if the stat wire was plugged into to an receptacle outlet, I said to not under any circumstances do that, it is for a wall switch or t-stat. So I get a call today from the same customer and guess what he confessed to doing just that before he called me, said he heard a sound and smelled a burning smell! I get there and sure enough the insulation on the wire is cooked and gas valve shot! At least the gas was shut off before he took it upon himself to try and wire the fan instead of getting an electrician to run power to the unit. One expensive lesson!