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    This summer I had a Fridgidare heat pump (inside unit and outside) installed. Worked great no problems. Recently have switched over to heat mode. I've noticed that when it is cold outside, when the unit shuts off there is this clanging noise. It sounds like when you kick one of those door stop springs (clang -a anananag). Probably lasts for 1/4 - 1/2 second.

    The unit is pumping out great heat and I have had no issues with it other than this noise. Had the installer out today to look and he said the pressure was running a little high (60 when it should be 50) so he fixed that but it was still making the noise. He also said the freon pipes moved a little when I shut the system off (I was upstairs at the thermostat and he was down by the unit).

    He was going to go talk to Frigidare on monday and discuss. I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas or have seen this issue before. My indoor coil has a TXV valve and the outdoor unit is a piston. The outdoor unit also has a copeland scroll compressor.

    Thanks for any ideas you guys might have!

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    i had same issue with a carrier heatpump. installed a hard shutoff soleniod inside and it took care of the problem. carrier recommends them on long line applications. it might work for you.

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    Thanks for the tip. I will mention it to the tech when he comes back out. I was outside today while the unit turned on and turned off, and didn't hear anything unusual. The sound is most noticable inside at the indoor coil. The reason I can hear it in all the rooms is I think the sound is echoing through the duct work. I noticed the smaller tubes coming from the txv inside the unit are quite close together and close to the metal frame of the coil, was wondering if they were moving and hitting the metal, but I wasnt sure if it was okay to run the unit without the front panel on (just for a minute so I could see what happens inside when the compressor is shut off).

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