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    I am thinking about replacing a 25 yr old furnace and central air system. I have a 165,000 btu lennox for my 2400sq ft home. short cycling is a problem as well as not be able to cool in the summer. we are thinking about going with a bryant 80v furnace with a bryant 13 seer a.c with puron and the evolution control. my questions being, 1, variable speed or two stage for our home. 2, how is the reliability of the variable speed furnace and the evolution system. 3, puron vs r22 should I spend the little extra on the puron? 4,how is the reliability of the puron systems? thanks, joe

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    Variable speed is the indoor blower, and 2 stage A/C's work better with VS blowers.

    The VS blowers are very reliable.

    No problems with r410a(puron).

    Get aload calc done to make sure you get the right size furnace and A/C.
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    Our distributor keeps telling us the GE variable speed motor is made in Germany and is considered bulletproof.

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    Get a load calc.

    Make sure the ductwork is OK.

    "Puron" has been around for a long time. Make sure it is installed right. Puron will be the only game in town after 2007. Puron problems are caused by shoddy installs.

    Everyone is using GE VS motors. Might want an add on surge protector to protect the electronics in the motor- they ain't cheap.
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    As others have said that equipment will only be as efficient as the ductwork it is attached to.

    Be sure the ductwork is done correctly delivering the proper amount of airflow & BTU's where it is needed.
    Then make sure they set up the equipment properly & you should be pleased with that equipment package.
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    In other words manuel J and manuel d are the most important as anything else. With the short cycling and 165,000 btu you have right now, you may be oversized.

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