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    I am looking to upgrade my hydronic heating system for my home.
    Had proposals from three contractors already and most mentioned standard names (Burnham, Weil mclain).

    But one proposed installing a Munchkin and this is the first time I've heard of it (except for doughnut kind).
    Curious on what the consensus is on this unit. Is it worth the extra cost. Anybody have long term experience with them?

    While on the subject of upgrading hydronic system; also curious on what advantages are of indirect hot water vs. stand alone hot water heater

    Any advice or info will be greatly appreciated.

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    nice little boiler,type has been around for many years in Europe.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    Indirects are generally much better insulated than stand alone types and therefore you have less standby losses.

    Also there`s no flue passage through the center that`s constantly drafting into your chimney which also robs heat from the water in the tank.

    If you have the opportunity than it`s definitely worthwhile.
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    Nice boilers. Make sure they take the time to do the proper set up with the CO. I have quite a few of them in the field. I just put 2 in this last week. One was a wall mount the other was a floor model.Nice an quiet and easy to carry into the basement.I suppose only time will tell for sure though.
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    Great equipment,modulating,very quiet and efficient, the
    T Models wall mount, with a indirect fired water heater
    this is a top of the line system.

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    Nice Boilers, but I have seen alot of problems with them in area with extremely low ambient temps. That cold combustion air does not like that warm boiler compartment, but the condensation does. Ive seen alot of electrical problems with board cicuitry going on the fritz myself. However, they are damn nice boilers. Just not quite standing the test of time IMO.
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