I do service in a building where sometime in the past somebody gave a copy of CIS to the building manager. He's a tinkerer and by the time I get a service call, he's been into the TEC and changed things that should never be changed... flow coefficients and the like. You can imagine what that's like to deal with. What I'd like to do is capture the initial values of the controllers before they're molested, then on every service call reload the TEC and go from there.

I've tried to Update fro the TEC in Apogee to store the values, but when I Coldstart/Reinitialize after making changes my original values are not restored. I have also tried backing up in Datamate & then restoring the TEC but again, the values I want to reload into the controller don't load.

Is there a way I can put a controller back to the state it was in at an earlier time? It would probably add 10 years to my life if I could do that.