What is the proper sequence of operations for tuning a Thermal Solutions Evolution full modulating boiler? The only factory directions I see are to tune to the factory points on the sticker in the burner compartment. Using a combustion analyzer I am running rich but the book says to use the intake air damper to make adjustments. But if I am rich and the damper is wide open, and of course the filters are clean, how do I lean it up. These boilers do not have a gas pressure reducing valve and my inlet gas pressure matches the number on the factory sticker, 12" of w.c. I see there is two adjustment screws on the top of the modulating gas valve. The only literature I can find on those two adjustment screws is showing an equation using pressure atmosphere, pressure combustion and pressure gas. Are these adjustmsnets something that get set at the factory and are suppose to be left alone? Where can I find more litrature on that valve?
Thank You Dirk