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    Calculating heat load from condensers

    Have an old FH315 Leibert A/C in a data centre. It has two condensers that are cooled by chilled water unit that also feeds chilled water to two other straight chilled water Leibert units. How do I calculate/estimate the heat load required to cool the condensers? We are applying for energy rebate grants and need to estimate the total energy savings by taking this unit out of service and use only the other two A/C's. We will eventually do power metering to get the final numbers but right now all we need is an estimate of energy savings?


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    Easiest way, max. cooling capacity compressor converted into kW (tons*3,517) + max. absorbed electrical power of the compressor in kW. The result is in kW then. To get the tons just divide by 3,517. This method will result in a slightly oversized condenser because it takes no losses into account.
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