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    Mini ductless best install practices

    Mini Ductless units are a great source of entertainment and profits these days. This customer told me the unit worked just fine this summer, except that it was not working when he called. The unit had some strange wiring, which consisted of a four conductor cut just outside the piping exit wound in the building, the wire was spliced on two connections to a two conductor piece of romex which was again spliced to a piece of 18 gauge thermostat wire. Who knows what that was about, either way the communication wire to the indoor unit was installed onto the ground screw at the outside unit, and the ground wire was connected to the communication terminal.

    Notice the number 10 wire running out separate hole in side of house and then up to the roof. No conduit needed, no insulation needed on the two lines behind the down spouting. If you cannot see the piping does it really need to be insulated, and does the hole need to be sealed shut?

    While running a new wire, I removed the downspout (yes consistency) and found this great piping job. Sure this thing ran just fine all summer?

    The customer said the guy made the holes with a hammer and chisel now that is cutting edge technology.
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