These are some pictures of a little Data Center that we just did start-up on yesterday and today. It was a tight timeline. 13 weeks total construction time. It was a re-use of an existing building, they gutted it and when went at it fast and hard. Kudos to our pipefitters that worked (7) 10 hr days a week to meet the deadline. Don't be too harsh on the insulators, this is the last week onsite and the punch lists are in progress.

There are (15) Liebert IRC's feed by (2) Liebert XD Refrigerant Pump Systems/Chilled Water, (4) Liebert DS CRAC units, (1) 6-Module MultiStack Chiller, and a York air handler for the office spaces. Chilled Water piping is 8" black iron welded. Refer lines to IRC's is 2 1/8.

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