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    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a reliable and accurate wall mounted line voltage thermostat for 240 volt baseboard heaters. This is for my own house and I would like to replace 6 Federal Pacific t-stats that dont work very well. Last year I replaced one with a Honeywell T498B1512, but Im not very impressed with it. I dont want to spend a bundle on them and I would hate to buy them and find out that they are not worth a dam. I would kind of like to try one of the non-programmable electronic t-stats, like a Honeywell T4800A1015, but they do cost a lot more. Has anybody had good luck with one they could recommend, If you could give me a model# it would be great, thanks.

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    The T4800 will be good, I went up into the the digital model in our apt. It was well worth the extra money. There was no large temp swing, and our electric bill went down.

    So you want a better t-sat, you will have to pay for it.

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    I doubt any mechanical line voltage thermostat will be much better than what you have. The size of the contacts needed to handle the amperage, and the size of the gap needed to prevent arcing when they open, makes it nigh impossible for them to be made as accurate as low voltage thermostats.

    If you really want accurate control and minimal swing, digital is the way to go.
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    AUBE! Love that stat

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