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    Direct replacement for Goodman pgb048075-1 rev A package unit

    Hey there,

    Just came across a customer today with a package unit g/e, that has a bad heat exchanger. I need to replace the unit with something that has the same dimensions for a downshot. Have had a little trouble this morning finding one. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this situation and has any recommendations.

    MN# PGB048075-1 REV-A

    Thank in advance for any help!!

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    Downflow on a curb, you'll likely need a curb adapter for a new unit to work. Since Goodman units are a totally different shape now, might compare the footprint of a Rheem or basic Allied unit which are still fairly close to being square. Of course you can slap a new HX in the old beast. Goodman HXs are usually pretty low priced.

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    This job is for one of my property management accounts. I offered a new Heat exchanger and they declined. Didn't want to wait for the part. They need to get the tenants heat asap. The homeowner wants a more efficient A/C as well. Good time to do it. I'll check out the rheem's, thanks

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