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    pilot light

    piolt went out tried to light mabe 50 clicks of the ingnitor lite but didnt seem to be the same height as befor.but useing remote logs cam on worked all night next morning piolt light out again these logs are about 10 years old sit 820 nova is the only name i see?model 0820s43 im thinking the thermal bulb by the piolt light?any help on cking would be great thank. ps went on line found piolt ass. for 90$ ck ohms on pilot bulb cold2.5 ohms heated it slightly with small torch started to go to about 41 ohms then i stopped mabe that means nothing?not sure thanks

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    This site is not for DIY. This is our vocation. Your situation is one where a qualified trades-person is needed.

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    sorry about that

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    A tiny particle of dust in the pilot air mixture assembly can cause poor pilot height. The only advice I feel comfortable giving is turning your gas off, and blowing on(most times with your mouth will be sufficient) the pilot assembly. If you still have issues youll have to call a pro with the proper tools to troubleshoot the problem. Good luck

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    i agree you need a pro

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