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    siemens PXCM hyperterminal problems

    We are still using a direct dial modem to modem access of our siemens panels for when the internet is down, however our one panel that was up date to a pxcm stop working. We can connect to the panel and log in but then it just goes nuts and displays random characters. We had the phone line check and it seams fine so I pluged the laptop into the phone line and called one of the other panels and it works fine so I think the phone line is ok. I also change the modem and it did not make any difference. any ideas?

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    Nah, it's the phone line.

    Test by plugging directly into the MMI with your laptop... the panel can't tell the difference between your laptop and the modem. If it's OK with the laptop, then something changed on the modem\phone line side.

    Try this, connect the modem to your laptop and call into your hyperterminal program. I bet you see the same garbage.
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