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    My parents have a classic 1925 bungalow in southwest Missouri. Approximately 1100 sq. ft. plus an unfinished 1/2 basement that is heated for storage and laundry. It is heated by the original coal burning furnace that was converted to gas at some point a long time ago. The original duct work is still in place, too which makes the unit resemble a huge octopus in the basement.

    For cooling they have a window unit they run in the summer when needed.

    Needless to say updating needs to occur for comfort and energy efficiency.

    - Where does someone even start to get information? Do we just call HVAC dealers and have them come out to offer estimates?

    - Are there considerations we should know about for older homes?

    - Do certain companies/Brands specialize in systems for older homes?

    - What questions do we need to ask a HVAC professional when they come out?

    Any advice will be helpful. thanks.

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    Wow! you really want to be an educated consumer!

    Firstly - Yes you need estimates

    Secondly - No "Brands" are specific to older homes

    Thirdly - Deal with an HVAC contractor that will do a "heat loss" and "duct design" on you new system.

    Forth - Hire the contractor based on his/her professionalism (in writing) (workmanship warranty)

    Fifth - Don't buy on price

    Sixth - get the ducts cleaned with your new system

    seventh - ask for references

    eighth - hire a HVAC contractor, not a car salesman
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    forget cleaning the ducts which are soon to be torn out!

    however, the original ducts may still be wrapped with asbestos tape. likewise, the top of the furnace may have loose asbestos -- both for insulating

    check what the local codes require -- for small amounts of captive asbestos like in floor tile, the requirement may well be to "double" bag it into extra heavy bags marked "asbestos" & hauled to the dump.

    I cut one 10*22" piece of asbestos tape with razor & hauled it to our dump on hazardous waste day = 1St Sa ea month.

    in my Daughter's 1917 hse, new registers were added at the outside walls for 1st floor, changed the 2 BIG floor openings into return air.= neat, since they have oak grates.
    harvest rainwater,make SHADE,R75/50/30= roof/wall/floor, use HVAC mastic,caulk all wall seams!

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