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While I wont put it past fienstein to try and get an assault weapons ban.... you have to look at the source of that story. it came originally from a website that caters to the firearms industry...both manufacturers and retail. This is just the beginning of another onslaught of "Obamas gonna get them guns" in order to make every tom dick and harry run out and buy buy buy......

And of course.... you are right about the confiscation...... we dont have the manpower to do something like that....and the government isnt going to get tangled up in the legal mess.....and it would be an absolute mess.....of trying to compensate people for their weapons.

They ....just aint going to try and round them all up.

Another magazine ban...sure....pistol grips and stock configurations....sure..... but they are not going to ban guns and they are not going to come and collect what is out there already.
I am 100% in tune with you. It's just media and democratic hype to stir the pot.

Feinstein is a quack and can jump off a bridge. But don't underestimate her or the gun grabbers, they did get the 94' ban passed.