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Good post. I have to agree. I remember well how everyone was freaking out about Japan buying up properties back in the 70's. they have not recovered yet from it
Yes, and I have predicted for a year now the US (and Wall Street) will stick it to China the same way. And NO, China does not have enough military to do anything about it.

Back in the early 1980's... literally NOBODY wanted US$'s... then it changed and everyone WANTED US$'s. When one takes the short term view... they miss the longer term facts. Those longer term facts are really a better picture (bigger picture), and one learns more from them. Example:
One 'could' say their life was toast because they lost a job... however in a few weeks they find another one... and life goes on. Many a time, the new job is better.
We really should learn to apply this long term view to politics and the economy.