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    So, I'm wondering if I'm being paranoid. I see some HVAC job openings listed on craigslist, but they do not list the name of their company and it makes me hesitant in sending in a resume to them.

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    It's probaly shady
    Where I live that's where the un lic company look for young lic guy to use thier lic # to install furnaces by thier illegal alien install crews not good

    Could be different where you are
    Call them up

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    Where do you think someone who's unemployable otherwise due to convictions go look for jobs? I certainly wouldn't want them in my house taking mental notes of valuables I've got for later stealing. Would you?

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    That is how it works these days until you get more experience. My luck happened when an owner asked my teacher to recommend a helper for him. I have been sending resumes to all those ads on CL and nothing bad happened only alot of interviews and rejections.

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    I am currently looking for 2 service techs and I posted my adds on Craigslist. I do not put my company name or phone # in there cause we found that some people don't respond cause of our size/rumor from former employees etc...but the single biggest reason is you get all these head hunters calling you offering there services. Go ahead and respond to those adds. You will be able to tell right away if they are good or not.

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    If they can't take the time to run a spell check, don't bother applying or contacting them.
    If they use phrases like, "u coud be our nxt great tc" Call or text... move along LOL

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    in Los Angeles most employers seem to be using Craigslist and most of them don't enter their company information, unless they want to blab about their anyone cares.
    the main reason is because they don't want you to call the office.

    most of the time there is other information you can use to find out who they are.

    companies keep your information on file for past employees and past applicants.
    if you applied before or they dont like your application, they don't bother to contact you.

    welcome to the computer age of employment

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    We've used craigslist with good results! We're primarily in a rural area, however our last book keeper (thru Craigslist) only lives about 4 miles from our shop! Maybe if you wait long enough, the employers will "beat a path to your door", but then again, maybe not. As a perspective employee, you can actually say no to the job offer!

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    I would not send a resume until you are sure the company is legitimate. Respond to the ad stating that you are interested but do not want to send any personal information without knowing who will be receiving the information. If the company is legitimate they should not have a problem identifying themselves.
    If a company doesn't want to identify themselves because because they have a bad reputation and can't attract employees, I would stay away from them. There's a reason no one wants to work for them.

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