Liberals hate conservatives, and they rage against us. Although most of the liberals on this board are mild compared to what you see on TV and what I have experienced on other internet boards. But, what do you all think is the source of their hatred? I mean we don't hate them like they hate us. We hate their policies, but we don't treat them like they treat us. They mock us and try to belittle us and lie about us. You liberals feel free to chime in so we conservatives can understand the source of your rage--or maybe even help you to understand it yourself.

1. Liberals feel like they have been done wrong by conservatives? Life hasn't been fair to them?
2. Liberals really are an inferior group of people and need the federal government to help them?
3. Liberals are just jealous of the financial prosperity of middle class republicans?
4. Liberals think the republicans are the ones who sent all our middle class manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico?
5. Liberals just hate the idea of a creator God who must be obeyed? Liberals want to do their own thing? Obama doesn't think he's bound by any rule of law does he?
6. Liberals are the drug addicts, sex addicts, alcoholics who must be more dependent on the federal government?
7. Liberals believe that conservatives somehow have it in for them in some kind of personal way? In what way?
8. Liberals don't believe they could hold a job in the real world? That's why some many are college professors, and local/state/federal government workers?
9. Do liberals believe any conservatives are good--that they would give you $5 bucks if you needed it or would buy you lunch if you were hungry? Are all conservatives bad?

Please help me understand what is the source of liberal rage? Why does this *itch Rachel Maddow just openly mock conservatives on her show like a demonic spirit of mockery? What is the source of her rage? Why does Chris Matthews hate conservatives?

I'd really like to hear from you liberals if you can control your rage long enough to give an honest answer. What is it about conservatives and republicans that you hate? Tell me the story of how our mom was abused by a rich republican boss at work and made to work hard for $2.25/hour in 1960. I really want to know why you hate conservatives. Honestly, Thanks.