Is there an option that allows one to block or un-subscribe to certain forums? Namely, this one. I remember when this was a HVAC technical site but now there are more threads about politics than HVAC. Really sick of hearing all you blowhards ranting on and on about the same old ****. Everyone that doesnt agree with your opinions are labeled stupid and only your opinions hold any merit. Bunch of know it all pompous asses IMHO. None of you are ever wrong and your opinions are the gospel.

The preferential treatment to some is ridiculous as well. For example I was once banned for my avatar. It was a photoshopped picture of g. bush where he looked like a monkey. This was when he was still prez. I see alot worse now, one for example of a mentally disabled girl that likes "puddin". I then had an avatar of the character Buckwheat. I was warned to take it off or I would again be banned.

Well there it is, an opinion most of the popular guys wont like. Ban me.