Preying on the elderly who committed the crime of aging/with assets, has become a lucrative and government sanctioned vocation. Across the country, in every state and community are rings of professional predators who make their living targeting elderly individuals whose estates can be looted under the guise of guardianship or conservatorship. Akin to a flock of vultures picking the bones of a dead carcass, professional predatory fiduciary’s, unethical lawyers and a host of government agencies and personnel begin chipping away at the estate, each of them billing the victim’s estate for supposed services rendered.
Any and all assets of the victim [now a so-called ward of the state], are immediately transferred to the victims new owner…..the guardian. Titles to homes are transferred to the guardian and quickly sold for pennies on the dollar to friends and co-predators or they might be sold at market value. Either way, the proceeds go directly into the predators private accounts supposedly to benefit the ward, of course.(sarc) Stocks, bonds, investments, savings, personal items are now all in the possession of the predator to dispose of and profit from.
In the meantime?

The victim is held in a participating facility that is willing to isolate, medicate and violate the rights of the victim in exchange for payment. This forced imprisonment of elderly victims amounts to torture.

The full story is sickening!