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    Need to make final decision ASAP HELP!!!

    Indirect water heater or electric water heater. Amtrol boiler mate is leaking bad now. I tried replacing the gasket between the heat exchanger and tank but the thing is still leaking. I have looked at a Geospring Hybrid electric water heater that I may be able to get the full amount $$$$ rebate via the electric company. However I will need to have someone wire a 220 line from my panel in order to get that set up. Or do I just stick to teh indirect and pay $$$$ for a new tank.
    I'm still confused on which will be more cost effective in the long run. This link says to go electric

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    You'll usually get a lot more capacity with a indirect tank and if naturla gas, will be cheaper to operate than electric. The heat pump water heater only has I think around 30k BTU of capacity. Lower than an electric tank or small gas tank.

    Assuming your electricl panel has enough capcity and spare slots, runnign a new circut shouldn't cost that mcuh, but you should factor it into the cost.

    If your on oil, not naturla gas, then definitely go electric unless you need the added capacity.

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    Motoguy128 I am on oil and that is why I'm thinking if going electric is better with current price of oil. My other concern is not running the boiler in the summer as folks say the indirect keeps the boiler lubricated sort of.

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