Six I may be stupid and might even be a moron. And my posting here in this hall of conservative intellect could even be considered evidence of that. But sir, just because I understand how futile it is to try and talk logic and sense to those who think like you does not make me a coward. If I had posted your response in the”well its over” thread I would have been banned. So much for this places impartiality.

Six you are correct about tax increases overall are bad in a down economy, so are spending cuts that reduce GDP and cause recession. If you were to study economics a bit you may just have a chance of understanding that.

That being said if you make over 250K a year you should be able to handle a small tax increase without much pain. Unless of course you make 250k but spend like you make 500K then it may be a problem.

But tax increases would not be needed now if GW had not cut taxes while starting two wars. Every other time in history we went to war we increased taxes to pay for them. Not him though, his plan was to take them off budget and hope no one noticed. While all the time hoping the tooth fairy left a couple trillion under his pillow some night.

Most people understand that 2+2=4 and things like war cost money. But when you have bought hook line and sinker the conservative view that 2+2=6 anything is possible.

And Six if you are not James3528 reincarnated, then you must be his twin brother. Ignorance of that magnitude is just not that common or random.

I wont be back.