AS I understand it... the DEMS (read that the liberals) now have a veto-proof super majority in both houses of California government. Add this to Jerry (moonbeam) Brown as governor, and we have a textbook Democratic party liberal govt in TOTAL control. Total control means there is no state governmental authority (other than the courts) to resist any govt action... therefore EVERYTHING which happens is the TOTAL responsibility of the DEM/Lib party... Now where is the test:

Simple: California will be a clear example of what happens when a liberal democratic govt is given free reign to do as they please.
Now if California becomes a better place to live than other states... well logic would then say dem/lib programs work... however;
If California goes down the tubes and business as well as citizens continue to leave California as fast as they can... well I do not see how anyone who claims to be honest could draw any other conclusion than the dem/lib way does NOT work.

BTW: A hefty number of folks who left California over recent years, went to Texas... one of the MOST FREE states in the nation... and Texas has one of the hottest economies in the nation... Seems like logic is saying something the dem/libs probably will not want to admit... that being less govt = better business and more jobs for everyone.

OK you libs, try to spin this one...