Obama fundamentally hates America. Nobody knows where he was born and raised. He will push thorough Amnesty for Mexicans by dictatorship and by-pass congress. That means that in the 2016 election there will be millions more Latinos voting for the democrat along with more Asians and more single white women displaced by the economy. Blacks will vote democrat even if the dem candidate is Satan incarnate.

Hasn't America fundamentally changed now? I'm just waiting for what is coming down the road from Obama now. He had that demonic vicious look in his face the past few days as he was giving speeches. This guy is going to go on a rampage, and I don't think he thinks twice about by-passing the U.S. congress as long as he words it right.

I'm sure good ole boy Karl Rove will want to nominate a moderate loser again in 2016 who doesn't have a chance, but is just like Karl Rove. Are we finished as we knew her in the 60's and 70's, or am I a pessimist?