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    California woman dragged off for speech, next time it's you

    a woman, only 22 , from Medesto California called Obama a n***** and said maybe he'll be assassinated in this term.

    she's being investigated by the Secret Service and might be charged with a felony.

    strange, how our government is losing the ability to differentiate between free speech and assault


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    I always wondered if it was against the law to call a black guy a dumb n_igger. I don't think it is. They call each other that 20 times/day.

    I think history would show us that most of the world's brutal dictators were not assassinated. They tried many times on Hitler. They couldn't get Stalin or Pol Pot. They didn't get the brutal Chinese dictator--I can't spell his name. None of the N. Korean dictators have ever bought it. The odds seem to be in Obama's favor.

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    how is this different then what has been going on for years. I remember news stories for years about this sorta thing.

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    It's a color thing. And it's about our government trying to appease certain groups of people in an attempt to keep them from rioting or for whatever other reasons they are allowed to carry on in their typical offensive ways. Try making the same types of speeches that Louis Farrakhan makes. You'd be buried so deep in a Federal prison, your family wouldn't even remember who you were.

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    The secert service investagates all potental treats to all presidents, it's nothing new. I knew a bartender who the secret service paid a visit to in the 80's for stuuf he said about the Pres. Scared the crap out of him. I remeber they also they paid a visit to some high school girl in Ohio for wearing a shirt with a picture of Pres. Bush in the crosshairs of a scope.

    We have free speech in this country until you say something someone doesn't like.

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    I would have to disagree that she was hauled off for the name calling, but using a threat in the same sentence...., the secret service does not take kindly to that kind of talk. It has nothing to do with free speech.

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    Let's see.

    Theodore Roosevelt October 14, 1912
    Franklin D. Roosevelt February 15, 1933
    Harry S. Truman November 1, 1950
    John F. Kennedy December 11, 1960
    Richard Nixon (attempt) 1972
    Gerald Ford (attempt) September 5, 1975
    Ronald Reagan April 13, 1993,
    Bill Clinton October 29, 1994
    George W. Bush February 7, 2001 , May 10, 2005

    Seems you guys have a tendency to try the assassination thing. Would be unprofessional of the SS to look into it even though he is a black man (OK only half).
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