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    Lynxspring LC-VAV-04 motor get stuck to 50%

    I have about 10 LC-VAV-04 that get stuck to 50% and the only way i found to get these controller running is to "GET DRIVE TIME".
    This get the motor running for about 2-3 weeks then it get stuck to 50%.
    Originally they were configure has VAV mode then i tried VVT mode and it does the same.
    The firmware is at 1.14.
    Since i'm not a lynxspring dealer it seem to be hard to get the latest firmware.
    I would like to get the firmware updated before i replace them.
    This is all hook up to Niagara AX.
    So does anyone have the latest APB-NXE-XIF, the AX Support package and the latest LC-VAV-04 configuration (AX).

    The version that is onsite is :
    Lynxspring AX support package 2.7.3
    Lynxspring LC-VAV-04 configuration (AX) 2.0.0


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    Shoot me an email... tkorpal1180 at yahoo dot com
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