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OK, lessee...

Why would I support Israel and not a Muslim nation?

Well, for starters, as I noted: Folks who THRIVE in their lives are always easier to predict.

For another... who wants to trust a bunch of ragheads who run around yelling JIHAD and strap on suicide bombs?

Oh, what the heck... lets go for three: One group has a history of growing and succeeding... the other has a history of destroying everything they get close to... and replacing it with a HORRIBLE society. An example: Would you rather live in Jerusalem (the Israelite territory), or Islamabad Pakistan? How about this: Would you rather your $$$ was in a bank managed by Jewish bankers (they always make $$$), or would you rather it be in a Muslim bank (and not sure if the bank would survive, because the son of the bank president was a known terrorist... and his daddy at the bank was secretly funneling money to him...)

When one gets away from their silly emotional parroting... and thinks with a clear head... the choices are simple.

Again: GA would take the Jews in a minute.
Look at what I put in bold, and then read what is in red,,,,do you see something wrong ??

I dont think you will, but just maybe it will motivate you to think about it.