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    Had one intalled with my new construction, but I'm not happy with the flame height. It's only about 3 inches above the logset. I've maxed out the adjustment in the control box. Can I do anything else, or should I look at a different logset.

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    UVFR-5000 ?

    ... gross, I can't believe someone makes something like that, but I am biased since where I live VF is against code so we consider it evil up here.

    If that's what you have, it all comes down to what gas log burner you have, has nothing to do with the box its in. Are you on LP or NG? Do you know what gas log set you have? I would ask the dealer if there is anything to be done about the flames. With vented gas logs the flames are awesome but produce tons of soot. I would hope VF gas logs burn much cleaner, thus there is prob some compromise in the flame appearance.

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