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    Trane XV80 Destroying Multiple Igniters

    Greetings - I am very grateful to locate your forum Purchased my Trane XV80 in 10/2003 & system has performed quite well - until last winter. Long story short, zero heat/cold winter day - called contractor - diagnosed hot surface igniter - quoted $., had presence of mind to research part via internet ($) & source compatible part for WR 768A-15 through local supplier the next day. 1st (compatible-cobbled-together) igniter failed within 2 weeks, given a direct replacement & this got me through last winter. I ordered two spares (WR 768A-15) from Pex two weeks ago, which was a good thing because the igniter failed again yesterday. Replaced with igniter from Pex, (this is taking me about 5 minutes now) & bam, the world is good again & my significant other returns to the usual complaints of everything I am not doing particularly well with - BESIDES THE IGNITER...

    Can someone PLEASE help me understand the next step(s) for troubleshooting what may be causing these igniters to fail?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    No DIY

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    A good technician would know what to look for in a situation like this. See if you can find a Trane or American Standard dealer with a senior tech would would look over the installation and see if they can come up with the solution. The solution isn't just to keep throwing ignitors at it.

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    Sorry this is NOT a DIY site.

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