I'm probably going to be getting a new downstairs ac unit before next spring, and there seems to be a ton of new IAQ products available. My research on the Trane Clean Effects stuff brought me here - and i'm not comfortable with the ozone production from it so i've ruled that out. However another local vendor uses Energy Miser products, i've not seen them talked about much on here, but they have something called PHI Cell or Photohydroionization Cell technology.

I don't see much from a search on PHI of the forums...following breathe easy's mantra of "if it sounds to good to be true it usually is", i'm wondering what are the downsides of this type of system...I pasted in some details (hype) from the site about it below...i wasn't sure if a direct link was ok, there were also some fancy pictures.

also - doing a little more research (typing Photohydroionization Cell into google) i found a site that had in the header: "IMPORTANT NOTICE!
Because of ongoing problems, we have dropped RGF Air Purifiers.
For a superior replacement Air Purification technology, see Air Oasis Air Purifiers" wonder what that means, maybe part of the too good to be true thing?

How Does It Work?
Step 1: We install a super-high efficient 4” thick, MERV-8 Air Filtration Unit to remove airborne particles such as pollen, animal dander and household dust, from the air stream.
Step 2: An intense cleaning of the Evaporator Coil and Pan to remove any algae, and slime buildup.
Step 3: We install a PHI Cell or Photohydroionization Cell manufactured and tested by RGF Environmental Group. This cell radiates Oxidizers that attack and destroy pathogens in the air such as viruses, mold, bacteria and odors without causing any harm to the occupants or the environment. These naturally friendly oxidizers such as Hydroxides, Hydro-peroxides, Ozonide ions and Super Oxide Ions, then break down themselves into harmless oxygen & hydrogen. The system doesn't create any chemicals that remain in the air and are completely harmless. The PHI Cell is installed in the duct work of your air-conditioner and is completely out of sight. Since the air in your home is exchanged every four hours, the unit completely scrubs the air to eliminate 98% of viruses, mold, bacteria and odors.

Isn’t This Just Like UV Lights?
No. This is very different. UV light is used when mold is discovered on an air-conditioner coil. The light is effective at removing that mold, but does not affect air-borne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

Is This Like An Ionic Air Cleaner?
No. Ionic Air Cleaners operated by electrically charging a field between metal plates. Particles are charged and attracted to a collection grid which must be changed on a regular schedule. Ionic cleaners only remove particles, not bacteria, viruses or mold.

How do I know It Works?
You can smell the difference. In a test at a nursing home in Aiken, SC, where they had 34 elderly patients in diapers, this technology completely eliminated the odor within 48 hours of installation.
This product is approved by the USDA for food purification and approved by the Chinese Government as the only device which provides protection against the SARS Virus. It also is responsible for eliminating the Norwalk (Cruise Ship) Virus after it was installed in cruise ships. Why risk getting sick?