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Not sure what you're getting at. You are very sure of yourself, considering none of us have seen the other side.
Let me try and break it down. You said

people of all faiths are living in denial of the fact that our existence is a random and insignificant occurrence that can't be explained yet....

People of faith are in denial of a FACT that our existence is random and insignificant.
Do you have evidence of this fact? No. Cause you end the statement with it can't be explained.
That would sound like another factual statement. Until the sentence ended with the word YET.
If it can't be explained then it cannot be proven insignificant or random.
So the first part is not a fact. People of faith are not necessarily in denial, the universe is not insignificant and random because you left it open for debate and further scientific research when you ended the whole statement with the word YET.

You then say believers are in denial and yet you are willing to believe, which would put you in denial.