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dry county??? I thought prohibition was over couple decades ago... all the christian that look down on me because I would go to the pub after church are hypocrite... if my god would turn water to wine, he certainly would not oppose to going to the pub in MODERATION. although we're also advised that if whatever we do becoming a stumbling block for our brothers, then don't do it for the sake of them. so use your judgement carefully. but there's so much more to being a christian then just being a tea totaler. drunk driving is def not acceptable. d

Religion has been defined as "A way or path to God" Religious people always look true to the faith. Clean up the outside. Look just right. The Pharisees, religious leaders in Jesus's time were called "White washed tombs full of dead men's bones.
Many here that claim to Know the Truth have the same religious spirit. They can't be cured except by divine intervention.
Think of the paradox of men going to church in the morning and KKK meetings at night carrying a huge cross preaching hate. Say, split-personality.