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    have a customer wanting the honeywell visionpro, model YTH9421C1002 and I'm steering them to Climatouch C3

    both controls will work with the 2H/2C system

    the only thing I could not determine was the range in humidity control on the Honeywell? is it +/-3 percent?

    for comparison, the Climatouch C3 is +/- 4 percent.

    example to illustrate the question:
    indoor humidity programmed for 50%.
    1. If humidity = 51%, then nothing happens.
    2. If humidity = 52%, then nothing happens.
    3. If humidity = 53%, then nothing happens.
    4. If humidity = 54%, the 24v relay will OPEN and there will be a 24v at the DH terminal of the Climatouch C3.
    5. If humidity = 46%, the 24v relay will CLOSE and there is no voltage at the DH terminal of the Climatouch C3.

    I'm not asking about temperature control, not interested in degrees overcooling, only interested in knowing the range for humidity of the Honeywell using the same example I used for the Climatouch

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    after looking at the honeywell documentation, they mention only the percent accuracy (ie. 5% RH accuracy), they don't mention anything about the hysteresis range.

    you want to know the value of the humidity relay signaling open or closed 24v (lack of 24v)

    maybe the pros know?

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    The control band for the VisionPRO IAQ (YTH9421C) is +/- 2%. So in your example of 50% set point the contacts will open at 52% and close at 48%. You could also configure for a whole house dehumidifier and have the contact close at 52% and open at 48%.

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    Why do you like the Climatouch better?

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