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    Carrier gas furnace 58PAV blowing cold air

    Hello and thank you for your time in advance.....I've been in my new home for 2 months now and both of my Carrier gas furnaces are not blowing any heat. I had the home inspected prior to buying it and was on site when the home inspector tested the air & heat...both worked fine. While painting the inside of my home I removed the thermostats to paint behind them but replaced them correctly. Once the remodel was complete we moved in and the a/c worked great during the summer but the heater isn't blowing hot air. I've done as much research as possible but can't come up with anything. Both units say they are 58PAV's but one is larger than the other. The larger unit has a LED light but is always solid with no blinking for codes. The smaller unit does not have an LED light. Any suggestions?

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    The larger unit is not getting a call for heat and there is a power issue on the smaller one.

    You'll wanna call someone in for that one.

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    sounds like the thermostats may not have been replaced properly and you have an issue with the smaller unit.

    time to call a professional and get both working again.

    many home inspections are little more than function checks and safely operating equipment is a whole different ball game.
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