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So why are you picking on the underdog you supposedly have a soft spot for... Rather than standing up for them?

No bother... I know: Because the underdog is not really down... and you KNOW it.
The picking is all in good fun, or so I have been told when things have gone the other way. But I hope the Republicans can read the writing on the wall and offer the American public something better than they have recently. I really believe we need two parties or more just to at least TRY and keep the politicians from getting too far out of hand but at the rate the R's are going it is not looking promising.

The first step is admitting you have a problem and I hear lots of excuses but no self reflection. 332 to 206 is not even close considering the shape this country is in. The people have rejected the message when all the opposition had to do was offer a reasonable alternative. It is OK to fail but if lessons are not learned repetition will not change the outcome.