Installed a climatemaster TED038 friday. Installed the communicating thermostat as well. System ran fine, maintained around 10 degrees suerheat, subcool was 15- 18 as the txv modulated.

I have 2 problems, may be related. The factory dofault cfm is not being acheived by the ecm. It stays between 480 and 660 cfm in low and high speeds. Should be much higher, according to the installer menu's minimum settings for cool 1 and cool 2.

The more important problem. If the compressor cycles off, and is turned back on, using the factory default min off time, when the compressor restarts it does not pump refrigerant. The motor runs and draws amps. I have seen this on 12 ton or more scrolls by copeland, that have a clutch that unloads the compressor when it overheats, but the lit. says nothing about a clutch in the smaller compressors. The compressor never reaches over 80 degrees external temp. If allowed to rest for 20 - 30 min, it will run again. With the same airflow issues above.

If anyone has any help, I would appreciate it.