So i got a phone call from a buddy today....A friend of a friend asked me to do a retrofit(on the side)

I dont mind making a shwack load of cash in a short period of time. As dont have any overhead, a couple side jobs per year is a nice little cup of gravy.

But at the present time/situation, I told the guy I was not available.

Personal reasons made me turn the offer down.

So the homeowner gets Company B to do the work. a legit hvac company.

Maybe not legit employees, but a licensed company.

Now I get a phone call from this guy and he my filter is on the bottom(used to be on top).....and i have hot air coming fron the return vents?


I understand that we are all at dif levels of skill......has anyone ever seen this or heard of such a dumbass mistake?

Obviously he had a counterflow and they installed as upflow!!!!!!!