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    I have a couple of bid proposals for new HVAC system. Feedback would be appreciated.

    I have a 1200sq ft ranch style home in the midwest with the original 24 year old YORK HVAC system. The system is working but is extremely inefficient. I am pursuing a new system due to a new regulation in my area that will ban the install of any 80% efficiency furnace as of March 1st 2013. I have two more bids coming in tomorrow but so far this company has come in with the lowest bid and the best equipment so far. I got a couple of bids for a similar Carrier systems but both bids were around

    Trane XB13 model 4TTB3030 (2 ton) condenser with matching Trane 4TXCB031 “A”
    Coil, 13 SEER with R-410a refrigerant and Trane XR80 model TUD1B080A936 (80,000 Btu) 80%
    efficiency gas furnace

    Option: Install new condenser in new location at rear corner of house… Add

    Price Includes: Adapt to existing supply and return ductwork
    New refrigerant lines
    Add (1) 14”x6” return air in basement.
    Wiring to existing, junction and extend as needed with new location option.
    To existing digital thermostat
    New condenser pad
    Clean up, haul away and recycle old equipment

    Prices good until December 31st, 2012.

    Warranty: 20 years heat exchanger, 10 years compressor and parts and 1 year labor.
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    no pricing allowed.

    why in the world would you want to install inefficient 80%
    the May 2013 mandate isn't a bad thing, hvac industry is making a long
    overdue change. doesn't happen often.

    a few years ago the 10SEER was eliminated and minimum
    efficiency became 13 SEER. that was a huge step in efficiency.

    that people rush to install the minimum efficiency allowed by law
    has always amazed me. better choice is to pay a bit more upfront
    & have the monthly savings for life of the install.

    so January 1st the price goes up...LOL!

    do a little research before agreeing to an install that you pay
    for every month for the life of the system.

    low bids aren't the criteria to chose company or equipment.

    best of luck.
    The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole. ~Plato

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    Agree with Energy rater. Why would you want standard (and soon to be unavailable) equipment when energy prices will continue to rise? I sold an 92% just this morning that was only a few humdred dollars more than an 80%. The 95% plus units are considerable higher, but since the owner wanted to stay as low as possible he wanted the 92% for just a few extra dollars. Check on the 90% units and see what the difference is unless you've got flue problems, they are not that much more expensive!

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    So they are just gonna connect to the existing disconnect and run a LONG wire to the new one.....

    Which company is going to do it right????
    I wish I had a $1.00 for every response I deleted.....

    "Decidedly Superior in a twisted pathetic way".....

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    This company is actually the company that install the original unit when the house was built 24 years ago. The company holds a very strong reputation. I have two more bids coming in tomorrow for a Goodwin and Lennox system. I know that many say the 90% is the route to go but the companies that I have talk to say that the overall cost for PVC lines do not make sense until you plan to stay in the home over 10 years. The cost to recover from the install would be to great. The way I see it as any system properly install would be 100% more efficient then the current 24 year old YORK system that is on its last legs. Lets put the cost aside, I have heard Goodwin is great value but is not as reliable as Trane, Carrier, Lennox what is everyone take regarding reliability.

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    not that I'm hung up on name brands, IMO install trumps brand.
    that said, maybe he ment Goodman and not Goodwin. maybe not
    ..I've never heard of goodwin.

    You'll find mixed opinions on brands. Just think of recommend
    what you install or some other brand you don't install.

    what I read is pure salesman talk.
    overall cost for pvc isn't high. it is one of the cheapest products per foot.

    within a few months you'll recoup small pvc cost & not so small labor to install.
    so cost to recover from install is not true.

    performance of new system will be better than 24 year old system
    to determine how much better old system is de-rated to determine operating efficiency.
    then this efficiency is compared to new system efficiency.
    that is the true determination.

    get bids from several companies.
    shop second lines of mfgs.
    trane makes american standard
    as does each large mfg carries second line of equipment.

    the most expensive equipment with a bad install equals bad performance
    less costly equipment with good install equals good performance, comfort & savings.
    your call as to how you chose to spend your money.

    which company is going to do it right
    and which is going to do it cheap?
    cheap upfront usually requires call backs.

    note that 80% mandate isn't March, but May.
    moving that date up to rush you into a decision is
    a red flag for me. another sales tatic.

    best of luck.
    The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole. ~Plato

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    I agree that there are many salesman tactics in the HVAC business. I have talked to about four or so companies and all are saying different things regarding that 80% deadline. I will look over what the bids tomorrow come in as. The companies I have stopping over tomorrow are actually going to do a survey of windows and insulation (probably more sales tactics) but they too hold a very strong reputation and BBB ratings. Like everyone else I dont have much money but like to make the money I do have stretch further but agree that a proper install makes more sense then a low ball bid. I think your correct Goodman/Amana correct.

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    a room by room load calculation (manual J) is a good thing.
    this is how systems are correctly sized.
    since your unit is working, you have the luxury of shopping
    & educating yourself. make good use of the time.

    understand that the co doing the load calc probably won't release
    the calc to you until you hire them. this keeps the consumer from taking
    the work of one company & shopping it to other companies.

    there are sales tatics for everything. nothing unusual there, just keep
    a level head & understand what is fact & what is sales.
    best of luck.
    The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole. ~Plato

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    Get a heat pump.
    Way cheap for a company that has been doing this for 24 years!!!!!! That Trane system is WAY low!!! (Price wise)
    Always here

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    Unless house is poorly insulated with lots of lousy windows, seems like a lot of capacity for 1200 sq ft. Anybody do a load calc?

    Exact location may help on the 80 vs 95 argument. Small homes have a lot longer payback than big ones. Southern midwest same way. Any gas company rebates for the higher efficiency unit?

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    Energy rater LA. I agree "dido"

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