I've been trying to find an answer to a technical question I have. Instead of making this endeavor a success, I'm getting the runaround trying to navigate this site. I'm advised that I need to be a "Pro" member and to do this, I have to have a minimum of 15 posts. I came to this site thinking I could get some help from my peers in the trade. I'm not one to spend hours on the computer in forums posting questions or advice. I happen to be a professional with 30 years in the trade. My full-time employment is teaching HVAC in a technical college and, at the same time, maintain an HVAC business. I feel as though I'm being snubbed by some elitist site manager. You know what? I'm done wasting my time here. If you so called "professionals" want to play your games, be my guest. I'll go elsewhere and most likely help others, without your silly qualifications.

Richard Heffernan
Asst. Professor
New England Institute of Technology
Rhode Island