So, I've been waffling over a set of digital gauges, and after much research and decision making, I finally bit the bullet and picked up the Digi-Cool AK900.

Upon initial assembly of the new AK900, I discovered there was a leak on the low side where the manifold connects to the DRSA. After applying nylog and re-seating, I tested with nitrogen and the manifold and hoses showed no leaks at any point, so I figured it was good to go...

Working on 134a cap tube reach in that wasn't pulling down to temp, got to work, and after charging the system, during final checks as it was pulling down to temp, found that AGAIN, the low side connection to the manifold of the DRSA was leaking, so I took them off.

Later I hooked up my nitrogen bottle and found gas blowing out of the low side connection to the AK900, same place as before, right out at the connection to the manifold! I looked over the fittings again, re-seated and AGAIN pressure tested it, and have no idea why it suddenly let vapor blow out like that, after also holding pressure for some time when charging... The nitrogen stream at 100psi was quite audible and obvious.

The AK900 manual explicitly cautions against overtightening these, but perhaps I took this too seriously.

I'm so bummed, I now don't trust these gauges / manifold 100%, has anyone else seen this?! Perhaps I didn't seat them right, or there was a spec of machine chaff or flash in there, I visually inspected the seat and connection points and all seemed fine. This will be the third time I've connected the manifold to the AK900 and we'll see how it goes!