I have a heat pump that is 22 years old. It is dead and would be expensive to repair.
The ducts were already in the house running a furnace before I got the heat pump. (The ducts would have to be 30 plus years old)
My house has 1500 square feet and 10 supply vemts.
My return vent is 20x30
Some insulation on the ducts needs to be rewrapped. Probably a roll and a halfs worth of insulation replaced.
I am getting quotes for a new all electric heat pump. It will be a 3 ton 13 seer split system.
A couple of places want to replace all of the existing metal duct work with new metal ductwork.
Their reason is because the ducts are all 4 inch pipes going to 2x12 register boots.
One place says that they will have to make the return vent larger because new units require larger ducts and returns.
One place says they can wait and see if it works and replace the return if it doesnt't measure good after it is installed.
Does anyone know whether these people are just making this stuff up?
No other quotes mentioned the ducts other than making it fit the new system and rewrapping the insulation where it is needed.
I figure the system may have to work harder with small ducts but I could buy two almost for what the ducts are going to cost.
Final question... carrier or trane? which to pick