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    15kw heat kit is only heating 1 coil

    This is a brand new heat kit HKR-15C and goodman air handler MBR1200AA. I do not have a heat pump or A/C. After installation, everything came on, except on the heat strip only 1 coil is heating. Had an electrician test every wire and he said everything is getting power appropriately. Is it just a faulty heat strip or or is something hooked up wrong? The installation instructions were followed exactly.

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    Could be either. Normally something is hooked up wrong.

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    HVAC guys know allot more about these stuff than electricians.

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    you need to call whomever installed it and have them figure it out, if you installed it yourself; now it's time to pony up the money to get it installed correctly and operational.
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    Call out a professional.

    Extremely easy fix, for someone familure with goodman (or any for that matter) equitment.
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