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    Honeywell Thermostat Settings for Trane Dual Fuel System


    I recently replaced my VisionPro 8000 with a Vision Pro Wi-Fi Model TH8320WF and had a couple of questions on a few settings that weren't on the old one.

    Here are my system specs

    Trane Furnace XV95 TUH2B060A9V3VA (37,700/58,000)
    Trane Heat Pump XR15 4TWR5030E100AC
    Outdoor temp sensor
    Location: Raleigh NC
    Temp last night 34 degrees

    Setting #
    346 Dual Fuel Pump Upstage to Furnace Timer - This is new and I have it set to 30 minutes. I am assuming if the heat pump cant get the temp to the set temp within 30 minutes then it will kick over to aux.

    347 Droop Temperature (Steady State) - This is a new setting as well. It is set at 2 degrees. I am assuming that if the temp in the house is 2 degrees less than the set temp, that it will use aux heat. But will setting 346 over rule this for at least 30 minutes?

    349 Backup Heat Manual Droop Temperature - Comfort or Economy - Not sure what this is.

    350 Heat Pump Compressor Lockout - This is currently set to 35 degrees. The old thermostat was set to 40 degrees. I think this means that if the outside temp drops below 35, use aux heat.

    360 Heat Pump Aux Lockout - This is set at 45 degrees. I get this one confused with #350. Is this saying that if the temp outside is greater than 45 degrees, lock the aux heat out regardless of 346 and 347?

    Finally, is there any other setting I need to do in order to reduce humidity in the summer or will the variable speed on the system do this for me? I assume Comfort R is set up but have no idea.

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    I also meant to ask why does the heat kick on in what sounds like 2nd stage with the blower going full blast? It never seems to kick down to the first stage.

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    And... this is something I don't understand. Why is there an orange wire going to W on the thermostat yet upstairs on the unit, the orange isn't hooked up? It is in a wire nut. The white wire goes to W and has a jumper. Do you normally do this on a dual fuel system? I'm assuming with the way it is, I don't have second stage heat. Not sure I need it since this unit is upstairs..

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    They have 1st stage and 2nd stage heat jumped together so it will never run in first stage. You probably rarely or never will need 2nd stage heat since its upstairs so I would rather just have first stage hooked up if there aren't enough wires for both. They should have ran more wires.

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    No DIY advice allowed here. Call a professional. Your system has "O" going to correct terminal - the answer to that question is in the picture you posted.

    Call a contractor, pay the service fee, and get the system working to the correct standards.

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    Jumping W1 to W2 causes the 10 minute timer to kick in. Low for 10 minutes then times to high, needed or not.

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