I recently replaced my VisionPro 8000 with a Vision Pro Wi-Fi Model TH8320WF and had a couple of questions on a few settings that weren't on the old one.

Here are my system specs

Trane Furnace XV95 TUH2B060A9V3VA (37,700/58,000)
Trane Heat Pump XR15 4TWR5030E100AC
Outdoor temp sensor
Location: Raleigh NC
Temp last night 34 degrees

Setting #
346 Dual Fuel Pump Upstage to Furnace Timer - This is new and I have it set to 30 minutes. I am assuming if the heat pump cant get the temp to the set temp within 30 minutes then it will kick over to aux.

347 Droop Temperature (Steady State) - This is a new setting as well. It is set at 2 degrees. I am assuming that if the temp in the house is 2 degrees less than the set temp, that it will use aux heat. But will setting 346 over rule this for at least 30 minutes?

349 Backup Heat Manual Droop Temperature - Comfort or Economy - Not sure what this is.

350 Heat Pump Compressor Lockout - This is currently set to 35 degrees. The old thermostat was set to 40 degrees. I think this means that if the outside temp drops below 35, use aux heat.

360 Heat Pump Aux Lockout - This is set at 45 degrees. I get this one confused with #350. Is this saying that if the temp outside is greater than 45 degrees, lock the aux heat out regardless of 346 and 347?

Finally, is there any other setting I need to do in order to reduce humidity in the summer or will the variable speed on the system do this for me? I assume Comfort R is set up but have no idea.