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    Any one has any eperiance with the Fieldpiece ASX14 Superheat and Subcooling meter. I have one and have had some trouble with it. I had to send it back for warranty and I noticed they were sending another techs for warranty with mine. I have used the meter maybe 5 or 6 times and it worked great. the last time I used it it would not read pressure. Anyone use this meter????

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    I've used the SSX34 a few times and liked it. It was on loan from the boss and I chose not to buy one. As with anything electronic you're bound to have some that develop problems. And since I know how to figure subcool and superheat I really don't need one. They do save time though.
    "If you can't fix it, don't break it."

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    It looks like a long time since you posted this and I am having the same problem with my ASX14, worked great for 6 months then lately it just gives a reading on all compressors tested of 3.99 super heat or subcool!! Sent it back for warranty and paid the shipping, back it comes a month lates with only a piece of paper stating it met the specs.

    Did they even test it? Surely not all units have the same 3.99 super heat!!

    Yes electronic is not better than manual. I should have just stuck with the old way.

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