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Thread: CODES ?

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    CODES ?

    Does anyone know of where I can find national codes concerning to HVAC? Or is does it just concern state to state to codes? Example: I always thought it was a no no to install a heat run in a garage where combustibles and parked cars are stored that could let carbon monoxide enter into the duct system and easily be transferred into the home. Where can I find this code at? My landlord wants a heat run ran into his garage to prevent his well from freezing up. He does not want to install a garage heater but I think that is his only option. My stepdad which is a old time HVAC guy been out of commission for long time said it was okay to install heat run in garage but I am skeptical.

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    follow manufacturers instructions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by must View Post
    follow manufacturers instructions.
    I've never seen a manufacturer instructions that dictate supply placement.

    603.7 Rigid duct penetrations. Duct system penetrations of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs and air transfer openings in such building components shall be protected as required by Section 607. Ducts in a private garage and ducts penetrating the walls or ceilings separating a dwelling from a private garage shall be continuous and constructed of a minimum 26 gage [0.0187 inch (0.4712 mm)] galvanized sheet metal and shall not have openings into the garage. Fire and smoke dampers are not required in such ducts passing through the wall or ceiling separating a dwelling from a private garage except where required by Chapter 7 of the International Building Code.

    International Mechanical Code, 2009.
    No openings. Even a supply.

    The system that heats the garage, heats no other space. Then, essentially, all rules dictating supply/return placement in a garage don't apply.
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