Hey everyone, kind of a continuing issue for years and you all hit the nail on the head way back when so didn't want to continue the thread from here:

Anyhow, as you all recomended, changed repair guys and he found the freon leak; one leak.

Its still losing the charge, or not charged properly and when the charge is not correct it don't heat/cool as well. The repair guy was back mid-week and he put another charge on the unit and said must be more then one leak so he's coming back sometime this weekend to find the leak.

More then one, is more then one leak possible?

Second, it's a duel system and uses electric to heat most of the time unless the temp outside is below a set temp on the unit outside which is around 38 degree's then it kicks over and uses gas. When its using electric it don't heat as well, temps coming out of the vents are about 81 degree's on electric and 105 with gas??? Is this the way it should work or should it not be warmer with electric?

Thanks guys