I have a Trane mod. TAM7AOC60H51SBA air handler and a climatemaster mod. TTS049AGC00NNNS cond. unit.with a Honeywell T8320U thermostat. I have a couple of questions.
1. What do the G and W terminals do on the condensing unit?
2. Does any one have a wiring diagram for the pair?
3. How should I wire a Honeywell tru-steam into the system.
I have never used or worked on this air handler before so I am unfamiliar with it's operation.
I am using an open loop and on second stage heat the air handler is obnoxiously loud and the system seems to short cycle. The system is sized properly as this unit replaced a FHP 048 self contained unit. I located the cond. unit under the house in hopes it would be quieter. I don't hear the cond. unit, but the airflow is loud. I have gone through and adjusted the dip switches per the manual. I have a very short return which does account for some of the noise which I do plan on repairing at a later date.